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So far 2 of my son's have the SpaceTalk watches, with my youngest eager to join in before too long! I can honestly say I love them, as do the boys. It allows me the peace of mind that they are contactable, or able to contact us, without the worry of lost phones or internet settings. And the boys love the independence they now get and the fact they are wearing "Smart Watches!" Was worried it would be too young for my 11 year old, but he loves it and wears it daily without fail. Highly recommended.
The Spacetalk is brilliant. It has given my 8 year old son access to his parents and other select people, when and where he needs - especially during his shared care staying at either parents home. He is no longer left on his own if he misses the school bus or decides to run off at the shops for example. As a tech-head with a keen interest in modern gadgets and automation, this device is very well put together with some great software features. Brilliant and easy operation with everything essential covered. Highly recommended !! Great job Spacetalk !!! ...... and thank you for creating it.
Our daughter loves her new watch. I like to surprise her with a sneaky msg whilst I'm out working in the vineyard. It's also handy knowing that she can contact us if she needs to without having to have a proper phone that anyone can call her. One feature that could be added is a thumbs up icon to let us know when she has read our messages, other than that I`m sure it will be very handy when she goes back to school.
This watch has been such a wonderful stepping stone in allowing more independence whilst staying safe. Being able to message my son to update him on school pick ups, as well as being able to call him or him us- has been peace of mind for us all. The app works well, only thing that could improve would be battery life- but this has not stopped its daily function for our needs! I would highly recommend this product to all parents!
Meiling Day
This is a brilliant watch!!! My 11 year old daughter is in loving it. I’m very happy that there is a school mode so no one in her contact list calls her during school. I get alerts of who is messaging her and what the message is and if unknown people message her it automatically blocks if you allow it. It is a very good watch/phone/
We have one for our son and its fantastic. We didn't want to give him a phone so he couldn't play games, or loose it. This enables us to make contact at school pick up times.
I have been looking for a simple to use phone for my 90 year old Dad. Standard mobile phone have so many unnecessary functions for what we needed. He has been using his Spacetalk for several days, and loves it. Great for kids, but good for older folk too. Love it!
Purchased two, one for my grandson 8 and one for my daughter 10. I’m a single dad and travel a lot so when I’m away I can call her and check her location anytime. Even after school she’s out and about playing basketball & riding her bike. I now know where she is when I check her location manually or wait for the set location timer. I like the safe zone and home setting. Let’s me know if she has gone out of the safe radius I’ve set at 1km from home. Great value, great product. Have recommended to others.
Tyson M
We purchased the spacetalk watch for our 11 year old we all love it. Excellent value for money for the peace of mind it brings. It alerts us when he’s left school grounds when it gets switched on and off and cannot receive calls or messages from unauthorized numbers. The no access to apps games social media internet was a massive plus and the reason why we purchased spacetalk. Reception quality with calls is excellent and location tracking great! Great customer service we received it within 24 hours of ordering! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to avoid the need for a phone for kids too soon!
I LOVE this product, my son is only 10 so a mobile was not an option and since my son had been bullied at school he developed anxiety which meant if u was even 1 minute late for school pick up he would worry UNTIL he received his spacewalk watch, he feels so secure, and safe knowing we can contact each other and that if there is ever a problem he can press the SOS button and it calls both me then his dad ASAP. I’m amazed at how many features it does have like ringtone, wallpaper which of course is fortnite ) the reward chart is brilliant , and my son loves that he can check the weather himself. I also love that it is not bulky as my son has tiny wrists so it was the perfect size. Thank you for creating a product that helps kids feel safe, and parents reassured, it honestly makes the world of difference.
I've used the watch with my 9 year old for almost 6 months and absolutely love it. It has always given my peace of mind no matter where he goes, and him too. Today, I received an SMS from him saying "I love you!". He was with his dad today, so receiving this message from him unexpectedly was such a moment. I still get goosebumps thinking about it! (and I still struggle on the days my children are with their father....separation blah! :() So, a huge thank you to the team at All My Tribe for Spacetalk and the most recent addition of "kids messages". You are not only giving me a layer of security but you also allow my gorgeous 9 year old to send me unexpected "I love you's" just cause he can. My sincerest thanks. I'm sure his dad will appreciate receiving them when he's with me also.
My daughter travels overseas often to see family and in this increasingly dangerous world, I wanted to be able to offer her some security and also the ability to contact me if needed. Having the Spacetalk Watch has been invaluable. I can monitor her via the app and she can call me when needed. Would highly recommend this to any parent that values the safety of their child.
We have tried it & loved it!! I especially love sending Charlie text messages.
My 7 yr old son has had his for two weeks. We love it, it has given him confidence to be a bit more independent and I am able to relax a little. So easy to use and accurate. It is fantastic that you can disable the talk and text function whilst at school so I know he won’t get into trouble for using it or waste the battery. Excellent product.