Smartphone vs SPACETALK – same same, right? …Wrong!

Picture this…..

You have two children, aged 7 and 10. You live on the same beautifully quaint street as your children’s school. The walk to drop them off and pick them up takes you five minutes, but you just got a new job and it requires you to be in the office by 9 o’clock. It is going to be difficult for you to walk your children to school and still get to work on time. You don’t want to be late in your first few weeks, because that would look terrible. Your daughter, the older of the two, is begging you to let her and her brother walk to school because they hate going to before and after school care. She suggests giving her your old phone, in case of an emergency. The thought of them walking to school alone terrifies you, as much as giving your daughter a smartphone does. You have three options.

Do you:

  1. negotiate with your new boss to start later, at the risk that they say no and you still have to opt for option 2 or 3?
  2. cave in, let them walk to school and give her your old smartphone for safety?
  3. cave in but buy them both an all-in-one smartphone, watch and GPS locator (hint: we hear SPACETALK is the way to go 😉)?

Option 1 is obviously an absolute no-go and option 2 is a very easy but potentially dangerous fix…. #TEAMSPACETALK is here to give you the low down on why option #3 is the ideal one for your family.

The modern-day, technology driven world can be a daunting landscape for parents raising their children. Gone are the days of being home before the sun sets and we bet you’ll be hard pressed finding a relative, friend or colleague who can get through a whole lunch break without picking up their phone.

If we can’t stay away from our phones for more than five minutes, how can we expect our children to?

With access to the internet, games and dreaded social media, smartphones are potentially dangerous devices for children, putting parents off buying their kids a communication device; leaving kids at a disadvantage if they want to explore the world with their friends or something as simple as walking to school on their own.

Here’s a bunch of compelling reasons why SPACETALK trumps a smartphone for your youngsters!

Safe from cyberbullying

Unlike smartphones that connect to the internet and allow open access to YouTube and other nasty social media trolling, SPACETALK does not. There is no internet accessibility, which means NO nasty social media and NO dangerous video channels. It’s the secure and safe option, so you and your family can always stay connected. The perfect WIN-WIN situation, right?

GPS location updates

SPACETALK’s priority is keeping kids safe! Our device allows parents and guardians to stay connected on demand with two main location features. You can set an automatic location update, that indicates where your child is, at set intervals ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Unlike a smartphone, which only allows you to send a location if requested, SPACETALK also offers a Location on Demand option. Use the AllMyTribe app to set the location updates to 1 hour and if you need to know where your child is between the hour intervals, tap the radar button on the map and hey presto! You have the whereabouts of your child in the palm of your hand. To be clear we are talking about the exact whereabouts, by using the Google API system – we can’t stop them being cheeky and hiding behind a bush though 😉.

Convinced yet? No?....well read on…

Block unwanted callers

SPACETALK provides hassle-free security for parents to select who can call and text your child and vice versa. Perhaps Nanna does school pick-up on Wednesdays? No problem…set her phone as a trusted contact, so she can let little Jane know if she is running late. Or perhaps little Tommy is waiting under a veranda because it is raining but doesn’t want to worry Dad if he isn’t in his usual spot. SPACETALK has you covered!

Even more so, SPACETALK’s ability to set trusted contacts prevents your child from being bullied. A smartphone will allow you to let incoming and outgoing calls from those in the contacts list only, but it doesn’t stop bullies from sending nasty messages from an unknown number, that isn’t stored in your child’s contact list.

Reduces blue-light absorption

A study funded by the National Eye Institute (USA) shows that children absorb more blue light – a type of high energy visible light – than adults and increased exposure to this type of light can cause serious long-term damage to their eyesight. Smartphones omit high levels of blue-light, which can be harmful to your child’s eyesight. SPACETALK on the other hand, uses dark background and bold coloured icons to dramatically reduce the amount of blue light omitted from the device.

Limit device use during class time

Have you heard of a beautiful little feature called School Mode? You can activate School Mode from the AllMyTribe app, so that only certain features (you decide which ones stay on and which go off!) of the watch are available to children during lesson time.

Smartphones cause all sorts of unwanted distractions while kids are at school. Unfortunately, you can’t lock them remotely during school hours, allowing only text and calls in case of an emergency.

There you have it – the reasons why SPACETALK trumps smartphone! SPACETALK gives you peace of mind about your child’s safety and allows them the freedom to flourish with more independence. Plus, it’s hard to lose a watch if it’s strapped to your wrist.

SPACETALK – Simply safer phones for kids.