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SPACETALK - now available!

SPACETALK - now available!

We are delighted to announce SPACETALK has launched in the UK!

This exciting new product is perfect for cautious parents and adventurous kids. If you haven’t seen already, SPACETALK will revolutionise communication with your children without having to worry about all the scary stuff a modern smart phone includes.

SPACETALK is a smartwatch tailored to both parents and kids, with the highest security to ensure your child is always safe. Parents will love what we have deliberately left out with no social media, no internet surfing and no camera.

SPACETALK launched in Australia a little over a year ago and has since seen soaring sales and rave reviews.

17 years ago, Mark Fortunatow founded MGM Wireless, a technology company which provides SMS, mobile communication, app and cloud-based technology to schools. This gave Mark the idea of SPACETALK, to always stay in contact with your child without the distraction of a mobile phone. Following the success of sales in Australia, SPACETALK is now hitting the UK market. With the existing experience taken from the Australian feedback we have optimised it for the UK market and are extremely excited to see it being used!

Matt Hancock, writing in the Telegraph said he admired schools who did not allow mobile phones, adding that more heads should "follow their lead". In a letter to the same paper, a group of conservative MPs said mobiles should be confiscated at the school gates. According to the Department for Education, 95% of schools in England control the use of pupils phones in some way. To combat these issues we have developed SPACETALK’s unique School Mode! This allows parents to silence the device during class to avoid distracting your child and others with School Mode.

With the AllMyTribe app and the technology built into SPACETALK, it’s a simply safer phone for kids!

Customer Reviews

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Its such a good watch for parental controls. My daughter is 7 and she loves it. Much safer for kids than even an ipad or phone. The only downside of the watch is that I can't see the messages she's sending out. Only the messages she's receiving. Other than that it's brilliant.

Very useful little device for kids and parents

GPS software really brilliant. Calls are clear too. Battery life is a slight problem as it will only last 1 day. But, wouldn't be fair to ask for more at this price point.
Well done Spacetalk!

Piece of mind

Great device that's always at hand and easier for a kid to head out with when playing, handy to that if I don't hear from them I can check where they are with the GPS location! Nice clear calls too!

Fun watch for kids

Only downside to this watch is the fact you need to charge it everyday! Other than that he is happy with it.

really pleased

got my 2 kids one of these each for Christmas and they both love them and are getting use out of all the functions available.