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With SPACETALK, your kids are SAFE and your holidays happy

With SPACETALK, your kids are SAFE and your holidays happy

Children’s safety is paramount and #TEAMSPACETALK has made it priority numero uno. 

As summer is quickly approaching, many of us are planning to migrate to warmer climates for a well-earned break. During the summer months, many Brits choose to pack the car and the kids and head to the country for a little R ‘n R and if you’re lucky some sunshine. 

It is no misconception that when carpooling to Cornwall, your kid’s agenda will differ drastically from your own. You want to relax, sleep in and drink wine by the campfire; they want to play games and run around with all the other kids at the campsite. And so, you find yourself constantly on high alert trying to keep one eye on each child. 

Well we have spent many cold winters (and a couple of summers) creating the perfect solution for you. 

Enter SPACETALK…. The all-in-one children’s smartwatch, phone and GPS tracker. SPACETALK is the most secure product of its kind on the market and the only GDPR compliant smartwatch for kids in the UK. 

SPACETALK comes complete with 2-way message and calling functionalities and a GPS tracker too. That’s right, you can create Safe Zones in the AllMyTribe app, and you will receive notifications when your child leaves it. 

Even better than that, SPACETALK doesn’t have internet accessibility so your child is safe from the dangers of social media.

With SPACETALK, you get to relax while your child explores, within a pre-set distance of course, because you are always right by their side, even when you’re not. 

Also, don’t forget, Clearpay is now available, so you can enjoy SPACETALK all summer and only pay an initial £49.75!



*Please note: if travelling internationally, roaming charges may apply. Please check your specific provider’s rates.


Customer Reviews

Based on 262 reviews

Its such a good watch for parental controls. My daughter is 7 and she loves it. Much safer for kids than even an ipad or phone. The only downside of the watch is that I can't see the messages she's sending out. Only the messages she's receiving. Other than that it's brilliant.

Very useful little device for kids and parents

GPS software really brilliant. Calls are clear too. Battery life is a slight problem as it will only last 1 day. But, wouldn't be fair to ask for more at this price point.
Well done Spacetalk!

Piece of mind

Great device that's always at hand and easier for a kid to head out with when playing, handy to that if I don't hear from them I can check where they are with the GPS location! Nice clear calls too!

Fun watch for kids

Only downside to this watch is the fact you need to charge it everyday! Other than that he is happy with it.

really pleased

got my 2 kids one of these each for Christmas and they both love them and are getting use out of all the functions available.