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Bought this for my 7 year old daughter and we love it! Can see where she is when playing out with friends without worrying and love the fact I am in control of who she can and can’t speak it

Thanks so much for the great feedback, Kerry. We are so happy that the SPACETALK has exceeded your expectations!

Really good

Bought it for my 8yo, it is great for him as it gives him independence to be outside with his friends, but at the same time gives security to the parents to be able to reach him if needed or him to phone us. Parental controls are great, which means only us can add contacts to the watch.

Great product

My daughter who is 8 got this for Xmas, she loves it and uses it all the time to phone family/friends etc.

Excellent buy

Bought for my daughter at Christmas, she is 7. Really easy to use and gives her that responsibility. I can track her and she loves to send texts to family/friends.
Great parent control through the app. Highly recommended!!

Thank you for the kind words, Hattie. We are just over the moon that you and your family are enjoying the watch so much!

Good gadget

Keeps time well.
Battery lasts a day, which is fine, now in the habit of charging every night.
GPS is much more accurate than other kids watches.
More expensive than others due to the monthly cost of the app, but I believe it is worth it.

Great for runners

I bought it for my 7 year old autistic son who is a runner but with this van track him and its been great the only issue I've found is with setting boundaries as in it won't let me set them other than that its been fantastic even with reminders for using the toilet by setting alarms for him and using it as a visual aid with being able to add pictures and not just words to those alarms

Hi Lorna,
Thanks for your feedback. You can set boundaries using the accompanying SPACETALK app. We call them 'Safe Zones'.
You just need to go into the Settings for your child's watch on the app, then open the 'Safe Zone Alerts' menu (just above the Alarms menu).
Press the + Add Safe Zone, and you can set multiple geographical areas as safe zones, including changing when they are active (eg during school days only).
If you need any more guidance on the above, please contact our Support Team on or call 0208 017 5868.

Xmas gift for 8yr-old grandson. He loved it. Lots of things to use it for (call/send messages/SOS device and more.) A good gadget.

Space talk pros and cons

I got space talks for my two daughter (8+10yrs) and they absolutely love them, it gives them just enough independence to chat to friends but with us having over all control. The only thing I'd like to see in maybe of software update is the ability to dictaphone text message function, one of my daughters is disabled and struggles to type, having a voice activated messaging makes it so much more accessible.

Thanks for the review, Ness. That is a great idea about the voice-to-text service, and we will definitely feed this to our Development Team.


Bought this for my son aged 8, whom absolutely loves it.
Really good product, with some great features.
Only negative is that it wasn’t made clear that no sim was included.


Bought for my 9 year old as a Christmas present, she loves it. I love that it isn't quite a phone but gives her the ability to message her Aunts and Uncles. Have used it to keep an eye on her as she goes up to the postbox and found the GPS location to be excellent. Really pleased with it!


I got this for my 9yr old granddaughter who lives with me and she loves it! It's an excellent little gadget that keeps us connected when she's out and about (which isn't very often at the moment) I was always worrying about her incase she had a fall or something when she was at the park and hated the thought of her being upset and me not there to comfort her but this little watch gives me peace of mind knowing that if she's in trouble or hurt she can call me or her granddad or even press her SOS button which works a treat. I can even go in my phone and check her location. There's also a reward feature on the watch which she is loving as she was struggling to engage with the whole home schooling thing but now she sees that I've given her a star each day once her school work is completed and knows there will be a small reward if she gets all of her stars so it's given her the motivation that was needed. I would highly recommend this watch 😊

Hi Lucy,
Thanks so much for the great feedback. We are so happy that you've been able to crack through the gloom of home schooling by using the Reward Stars!
Thanks again,


My son is very happy with this and so am I

Watch review

Pretty good product. Battery life isn’t as good as I expected but does everything I would want it to. Great product for allowing kids a bit more freedom but still being able to know exactly where they are

My daughter loves it

Bought it as Christmas present for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. She loves how she has freedom to go places knowing we can track her. She can message only the people that we add to her list and ring those if needed. Definitely recommend to others

Thank you for the great review, Sarah. We are so glad that you and your family are enjoying the SPACETALK!

Great Watch

My 9 year old daughter loves her watch as she is able to make calls to all her friends and family. Without her having a smart phone which I was trying to avoid. The watch is easy to use and all the controls I can put in place give me peace of mind.


This is great, I can let my daughter out to play without worrying if she is okay and where she is.

She can also call her friends on it. And I can track everything.

Helps her tell the time aswell

Fantastic smart looking watch peace of mind.

My son loves this watch it looks smart and he loves the step counter and other features on it. He calls his granny from it and has even used the torch . He always makes sure he has done at least 10.000 steps a day. For us its peace of mind he is able to speak to us ans we are able to see where he is. He loves it as he isn't ready for a phone and social media so this is ideal..

Good for seniors too

I bought this for my dad who suffers from Alzheimer’s which impacts his ability to use phones and read watch faces.

I’ve tried various phones aimed at older people (eg Doro) and they are just not well designed. Then I thought I’d try this. It is the best I have found. He is JUST able to use the Spacewatch, despite the nearly invisible side buttons and slightly less than perfect touchscreen response (watch video reviews and you’ll see the reviewers struggling with touch and swipe too).

He won’t be able to use the SOS button (almost invisible and smooth) but he can now receive calls and count steps! And read the time on the digital face.

I realise there is another version aimed at seniors but it’s not yet available in the uk, I’m not sure it has a digital face, and the cost is higher (ongoing), hence trying this first.

(This is aimed at children so not surprised there are some messages to parents/carers referring to “your child” but if those could be more neutral that would be even better)

Great watch...

This watch is great my 8 year old daughter loves it it’s stylish and calls are very clear. I’ve managed to track her well with no problems and app for parents easy to use.
Small negatives - if there using it a lot battery doesn’t last long it doesn’t last all day and sos button can be bumped easily.

Excellent watch.

We've purchased it for my son's ( 7 years old) Christmas gift and he loves it! Easy to set up and track your child through your phone. Good watch quality. I recommend.

Spacetalk Watch

We bought this watch for our 9 year old daughter and have found it to be an excellent product, I'd highly recommend it. Easy to set up as a parent and for the child to use. Many great features and the parental control of contacts etc is an absolute bonus.

Spacetalk watch

Brilliant idea, my daughter loves it, she can call pre selected contacts inputted by me and i can see where she is when out and about 👍

Excellent watch

Bought this for my 7 year old son's Christmas and he adores it. He wanted a phone and I thought this was a good compromise. The watch looks fantastic and just like an adult smart watch. It is easy to set up and has lots of great safety features. Would thoroughly recommend 😁

Very good

Very happy. Bought for our 8 yr old as an introduction to technology. Seems to be easy to use and is very handy for us with a busy family lifestyle. UK is in lockdown so we look forward to really seeing what it can do soon.

Watch Screen Replacement

All I can say is outstanding. The team at Spacetalk quickly assisted with replacing a broke screen, which became damaged during use. The whole process was prompt, and well communicated. The watch itself is great also. Really impressed