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Overall very good

Our 10 year old is just starting to want more independence and this watch is perfect as it allows him to contact us or us to contact him easily and we can see his location on the map.
However the watch itself is too bulky, my son is one of the tallest/broadest children in his year and yet it is still a bit cumbersome for his arm.
Also we have had issues with sand/grit getting in to the sim card holder.
Having said that the features are great and our son is really happy with it.


Great watch for my daughter she loves it and so easy to usebthe app. The only fault I would have is the app only works with Google and as I have a Huawei phone isn't not possible to use so I need to use a different phone to keep track of her.

Very happy so far

Good little smart locator watch for our 10 year old who is now wanting to get out and about and walk home from school, we got our through Sky with the SIM and app subscription included, very clear when talking. Accurate location no complaints here, so far so good

Great gadget

Bought the space talk adventure for my 9 year old son so we could start giving him more freedom whilst knowing exactly where he is with the tracker, went for the space talk rather than a mobile phone that would be full of apps etc that are hard to keep track of, the watch is a great starting point and give peace of mind to the parents, abit hard to txt off of it as the buttons are quite small and the basic charger is abit fidley and has to be perfectly placed or it won't charge but overall really pleased with the purchase.

Great buy

I bought these for my autistic twins and they love them. It gives them more independence and they feel safer knowing I know where they are and they can contact me anytime and the location is so precise. The call quality on the watch is just like a real phone and the fact it blocks unknown numbers is good. It alerts me about everything even when they have turned it off. Love them so glad I bought them no regrets.

Every child should have one

My son is 9 and he finds this watch quite easy to use. Prior to this we had the previous model Spacetalk and he used it for 3 years with ease. Spacetalk provides so much comfort for both the parent and child, being able to communicate when necessary and also ensure your child is where they should be. My son wearing his Spacetalk each day gives me peace of mind, as it is an additional safety measure for when he is at school or doing sports and activities. This is a must have for every child and parent. This updated model is great as it has a camera and also audio messages can be sent by your child.

Great Product!!!

We got this four our Autistic Kids 8th Birthday.

We did alot of research vs comparable brands and decided on this model.

It works really well and has alot of handy features. We are looking forward to the emotional wellness additions. An alarm to detect when a child's heartbeat increases do to stress would be great.

Only complaint, The screen protector isnt very sticky. Will need to order a replacement on day 1 :-(

Accessories Pack

Great birthday gift for a much loved watch. The charger stand helps make charging so much easier and we wouldn't be without the extra screen protectors.

Great to keep our mind at ease

A form of communication for our big kid who will be catching the bus soon! Such a fantastic idea to keep both parents and kids at ease.

great watch for peace of mind

love the watch, and love giving my son some independence. He can call me if he needs to and vice versa, but at the same time he doesn't have access to the internet or social media, which he isn't ready for.

Bundle is amazing

charging stand has made it easier for the son to put his watch on charge, I was also nicely surprised when I realized it was made with metal instead of plastic so I know it will last. He loves the extra band so he can change colours depending on his mood and Mum likes the fact that it comes with the screen protector.

Mum's watch

Mum now has a new watch that I can also call her on whereas she never carries her phone with her. If she falls, I am alerted and I can see where she is at any given time via the GPS tracker. She finds the step tracker amusing as she rarely gets over 150 steps but I find it encourages her to walk more. Only thing is, I found setting it up a bit frustrating as I am over 60 and quite computer illiterate. Clear step by step instructions would have been easier but I got there by trial and error

It is a good product, provides peace of mind when the kids go for a bike ride or take the dog for a walk. The docking station promotion Spacetalk provide is much better then the previous charging solution.

Great Watch

we had experience with other smart watches for kids and due to lots of issues we switched to Spacetalk adventurer; couldn't be more happier; great watch and ticks all the boxes for us.

love it but slimmer would be nice

my family love it. we can call & text to my daughters anytime and every features are just awesome. but my kids are using adventurer. it is a bit big and thick for the kids.
especially they have to take it off when they play a sport to avoid hit with watch.

Well worth it. Don't go for cheaper brands

We started with a cheaper similar watch, and should've invested in this first! Far better software, app and functionality and the GPS is much more accurate too. It's nice to see active minutes but would be nice to see a few more details, such as sleep or calories burned for kids that have challenges in those areas.

Works perfectly

After having issues with another brand decided to change to spacetalk. Best decision, works exactly how it should and haven't had any issues
Set up was easy
Watch easy too use and features do exactly what what they say they will.

Absolutely fantastic watch for kids not quite old enough to have a phone. Great value for money.


Bought a Spacetalk many years ago, and like the idea of a camera, bluetooth and water resistnt features of the Adventurer.

Bundle makes life easier

Extra screen protector keeps our Spacetalk watches from getting scratched and the charging stand make it easy to charge so watches are always ready to use.

We love spacetalk

We have recently bought two Spacetalk watches for two of my children and they absolutely love them. So easy to use for both the kids and parents. So easy to keep in contact with them now!

Space talk kids smart watch phone

Seems great! It did originally come with a broken charging dock but was quickly fixed and a new one sent out free of charge and express postage. Great experience overall and product does the job

Great bunde

Love this accessory bundle. Handy to have. pair strap and charging station. Absolutely love the products.

Wonderful phone watch for kids

We love this product. So reassuring as a parent and also for the child who knows they can contact us at any time.