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Fantastic watch works great
Well worth the money
Great product just need better battery
Hi Sarah, thanks for the great feedback. There are a few things you can do to improve the battery life of the SPACETALK: - Set 'Location Updates' to every 45/60 minutes (don't worry, you can always get a manual location update 24/7 on the AMT app) - Bring the brightness of the screen right down (50% or lower will greatly help) - Turn off the 'Lift to Wake' feature (this is on the watch Settings menu) - Ensure the watch is placed on/ taken off charge at roughly the same time each night and morning and kept on the charging dock each night. Finally, signal strength will play a huge part in the battery's performance. So, if the signal strength at the school is low, the SPACETALK will work overtime trying to get a location. We sometimes find that old school buildings receive a very poor network (SIM) signal, and so the battery works harder to get a location. So if the update is set to 60 minutes, then it won't do this as often and won't deplete the battery as quickly. If the above doesn't help, please get in touch with our Support Team on and we'll check your account to make sure everything is working as it should be. SPACETALK Team
Perfect for our needs......
Shame it's not waterproof
Value for money
Space talk
The perfect solution for a first ‘phone’ device for a child
Thanks so much for the great feedback Susannah - we are very pleased to hear that the SPACETALK has brought such joy and peace of mind into your home. Depending on signal strength, you should be able to get a longer life from the battery. We'll email you with some tips and settings, to ensure you're getting the most out of your SPACETALK. Many thanks, Rudy
My 9 year old loves it
Just what I needed
Space talk
Would recommend!
Amazing gadget
My 11 year old daughter thinks it is great
Peace of mind
Spacetalk working a treat
Like a phone without social media access
My 10 year old son loves it
Hi Ana, thanks so much for the amazing review - we are so happy that the SPACETALK has brought such joy and happiness to you and your family! Rudy
Great product
As good as they make out.
Good product, does what it promises