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Brilliant Benefits of Walking to School

Did you know there’s a way you can keep fit, be mindful, help the environment and have fun at the same time? How? It’s by walking to school! May 16-20 is Walk...

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Father of Four William Kottaridis - Customer Spotlight Interview

We sat down with another happy SPACETALK customer, Will Kottaridis, a sales executive from Porsche with four children all under the age of ten. Despite having initial doubts over the device, Will...

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Data security, privacy and child safety are at the heart of everything we do

How SPACETALK became No. 1 in the world for family privacy and security With kids smart watch security being in the spotlight over the past few years, the SPACETALK Risk and Compliance...

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The new SPACETALK feature that allows your child to write their own texts

A number of community members in recent times have expressed the desire for their children to be able to type their own messages on SPACETALK. We thought this was a great idea and...

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