Feeling Anxious About Letting Your Child Walk to School?

It’s one of the biggest fears for protective parents: letting their child walk to school alone for the first time.

Having a child who’s ready to venture out on their own can raise real safety concerns for worried parents. What if cars reverse out of driveways? Or they pass a scary dog? Then there’s every parent’s worst nightmare: drivers who blatantly disregard speed limits around school zones.

With so many dangers on their way to school, it’s enough to give parents anxiety, not to mention our kids.

While younger kids should be accompanied by an adult when walking to school, if your child feels ready to walk by themselves (and are mature enough to spot dangers and cross the road safely), giving them the independence to take their first steps can really boost their confidence.

Making their journey safer
When your little one is old enough (and feels confident enough) to walk to school, here are some ways to make their journey that little bit safer.

• Help your child become familiar with the route during your regular walks to school. Point out the safest places to cross, as well as potential hazards.

• Make sure your kids understand how to stop, look, listen, and think before crossing the road.

• Ask parents in the neighbourhood to find a walking buddy for your child. Or perhaps organise a ‘walking school bus’ with other parents and take turns walking the kids to and from school.

• Make sure children under 10 hold an adult’s hand while on the footpath, crossing roads and around car parks—we all know kids can dash off unexpectedly!

• Teach your child what steps they need to take if anything unexpected happens, like if they were to get lost or are approached by a stranger. (With their Spacetalk watch, a simple tap can send you SOS alerts when they feel scared).

How Spacetalk helps your child walk to school more safely
When your child is old enough and feels ready to walk to school by themselves, Spacetalk makes the ideal walking buddy.

GPS locator: You’ll always know where your child is the GPS feature on your Spacetalk app. Check your child’s location at any time and rest assured they’re safely on their way to school.

Safe Zones: This popular feature lets you know when your child arrives at school. With Safe Zones, you can set a geo-fenced radius around any place you deem safe, like their school, and get a notification when your child arrives at or leaves these zones.

SOS Alerts: If your child ever gets scared or feels unsure about something, they can simply press the SOS button on their watch. You’ll get a notification so you can check in and see if they’re ok.

Calls & SMS: Of course, your child can always contact you on their Spacetalk, even if it’s just to send you a love heart emoji! Always knowing where they are and being able to reach each other at any time can greatly reduce the anxiety for both you.

Watch their confidence grow
By taking the right precautions, letting your child walk to school by themselves can be a rewarding experience. You’ll give your child a sense of independence and ensure they feel confident and safe all the way to school.