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The new SPACETALK feature that allows your child to write their own texts

A number of community members in recent times have expressed the desire for their children to be able to type their own messages on SPACETALK. We thought this was a great idea and...

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Stop your child from SPACETALK-ing during class – with School Mode

It is 2019 and the world is now fully immersed in the Digital Age. Information is readily available when we need it; we don’t have to leave home to go shopping; and...

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Smartphone vs SPACETALK – same same, right? …Wrong!

Picture this….. You have two children, aged 7 and 10. You live on the same beautifully quaint street as your children’s school. The walk to drop them off and pick them up...

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With SPACETALK, your kids are SAFE and your holidays happy

Children’s safety is paramount and #TEAMSPACETALK has made it priority numero uno.  As summer is quickly approaching, many of us are planning to migrate to warmer climates for a well-earned break. During...

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